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What are the best erotic products for gay men?

Same-sex love, in modern society has long been no novelty, gay and lesbian if you want to have sex, you have to use some supplies or tools to complete. So what are the gay love supplies? The following take a look at it! If you want to buy some related supplies, feel free to check out the ooty website.

1.airplane cup

airplane cup is indeed a better way to release, airplane cup is generally common manual airplane cup, electric airplane cup, training airplane cup... Functions of different airplane cup of the use of feeling is also different; If it is the minimum to meet the user's release needs, that indeed with any one cup can be. But if it is the pursuit of better gaming experience, then it is very necessary, according to the material soft and hard roughly screen the degree of stimulation, choose a suitable for their own body type of airplane cup. Beginners are recommended to start from the airplane egg and manual airplane cup, electric airplane cup is more suitable for experienced people oh!

2.inverted mold

similar to the airplane cup, also known as the name of the device, is based on female specific body parts made of male appliances. Inverted mold most of the virtual skin TPE, internal structure imitation shade and other parts of the internal structure, in order to achieve a more realistic effect. Inverted mold has a small imported type and large real inverted mold, NPG is more famous real inverted mold, mainly go AV actress route, according to the famous AV actress private parts copy.

3.inflatable dolls / entity dolls

 adult sex toys inflatable dolls scientific lower body structure, intelligent vibration frequency, can negative pressure on the shade to produce regular siphon contraction, with your sexual intercourse experience, to the doll caused by pressure, the greater the pressure, the internal structure of the private place is tighter. Inflatable dolls, although the material are qualified, there is no harm to the human body; but there is no material mostly silicone or TPE dolls more realistic than the entity dolls, the experience is good, the use of a long time.

silicone doll


gay men's special parts can not automatically produce secretion, too dry will affect the experience, so in the movement with the use of lubricants, there is a role of pain relief.

Liquid in your hand.

5.anal plugs

most Gay earliest contact with small toys should be anal plugs, the psychological threshold is low. Size diversification, there are small size in large size, suitable for different stages of anal expansion. Also divided into manual and electric type, the material has silicone, metal, glass, etc., mainly to stimulate the role of the male G-spot, usually used with lubricants, high-frequency motor vibration of the continuity, more than a real person fierce and also strong, at the same time, the anal plugs can also exercise the sphincter tension, and can even be said that every Gay have played with anal plugs of this type of toys!

6.prostate massager

 If you want to try before the high, and even not just Gay, even straight men want to try this kind of pleasure. The prostate massager on the market can be described as a wide variety, many people in the choice of no way to start. In fact, the prostate massager can be roughly divided into: manual massager, electric massage products.

7.vestibular pull beads

 vestibular pull beads is also one of the most common toys, which is mainly composed of a number of round beads strung together and become, the use of it is also very simple, slowly put the beads in, a pull and push to get pleasure!

steamed pearl

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