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Why many people don't know the structure of the male sex organ

As a part of the male body, the penis is often thought of as something that cannot be seen and needs to be hidden. Women who unintentionally encounter the penis or its symbols are generally embarrassed, shocked, or even disgusted. They are exposed to the penis in many ways, including: family members, neighbors, nudists, pornography, intimate partners, etc. The University of Hong Kong and the University of Toronto conducted a survey on adolescent sexuality education, looking at young women's "perceptions of the penis". While the majority of respondents expressed their "normal" reaction to the penis as disgust and dislike, some reported positive experiences: powerful, mysterious, and fulfilling. In the example above, the mom is the enforcer of this rule. "There is no debate that a penis should not be seen by one's daughter, and this view is instilled in the girl's mind, even though the girl actually finds her father's penis "funny".
In today's cultural environment, sex has gradually removed the veil of secrecy. Women no longer "talk about sex", ashamed to speak, but talk about sex as food. From the original comparative ignorance of male sexual physiology, the two sexes alone together why will be full of sweetness, sexual intercourse pregnancy is how it is, etc., to the development of books and magazines have not been satisfied with the introduction of the film and television screen, the road street, the entertainment industry, witnessed under the moonlight, but to try to try to find out for themselves.
What is a man in the end? This is the beginning of the girl thought the most questions, in the mind of the girl, there has been no shortage of all kinds of emotional problems, but only this kind of problem comes so natural, but also the most rational! Based on such a world of the two sexes, how can women not be interested in understanding men? In the final analysis, the sexual physiology of men and women is not the same. Whether they're from Mars, Venus or whatever planet they're from, what is it about men? What exactly are the differences between men and women? Why are they different? Loud men, like loud women, have various difficulties and barriers to overcome. A man who is loud is a man who is physically and mentally healthy and mature. Surprisingly, more women lack the understanding of not only the spiritual aspects of men, but also the physiological and pathological aspects of men's bodies. For example, what is the prostate gland, why does a man's prostate gland always become inflamed and enlarged, and why is it necessary to remove a man's foreskin if it is long? But why is circumcision a double-edged sword? I think most women are not able to answer. Therefore, in order to harmonize the life of husband and wife in the future family, it is also imperative to understand the male physiology. If you want to read more sex-related articles, feel free to check out the ooty website.

The male sex organs consist of external and internal genitalia.
(1) stunted penis

(2) limp vs. erect penis

(3) long foreskin vs. normal penis

A cross-section of a man's lower body Copics

The external genitalia are the penis and scrotum, and the internal genitalia are the testes, epididymis, spermatic cord, seminal vesicles, and prostate gland. The penis is the male organ of sexual intercourse and has the function of urination and ejaculation. It is a cylindrical organ, usually sheer and hanging down before the scrotum. The surface of the penis is covered by a layer of skin, and the skin that can be turned up near the coronal sulcus is called the foreskin. The coronal sulcus is the ring-like groove where the glans meets the penis. When the corpus cavernosum and urethral corpus cavernosum are engorged with blood, the penis enlarges and hardens, a phenomenon called erection. The ability of the penis to become erect is controlled by the parasympathetic nerves. The ability of the penis to harden is due to the presence of a cavernous tissue that contains sinusoidal gaps that are connected to blood vessels. When sexual stimulation produces sexual arousal, the sinusoidal space fills with blood and the penis becomes erect. Epididymis and seminal vesicles are the maintenance place and swimming pool for a man's sperm. A man with testicles is a real man. The testicles are where sperm is produced and the main source of androgen in the body.
The penis consists mainly of two penile corpus cavernosum and one urethral corpus cavernosum. The corpus cavernosum of the penis is cylindrical, one on each side, and both are symmetrical. The urethral spongiosum is also cylindrical and is located on the ventral side of the corpus cavernosum, and the urethra runs the full length of the corpus cavernosum. The urethral spongiosum tapers from back to front, but is significantly enlarged at the anterior end, forming the head of the penis. Penile corpus cavernosum and urethral corpus cavernosum outside, respectively, covered with a layer of thick and dense, elastic fibrous tissue membrane, respectively, known as penile corpus cavernosum and urethral corpus cavernosum leucomembrane. The outside of the three spongy bodies are jointly covered with deep and superficial fascia and skin. The interior of the corpus cavernosum consists of many cavernous trabeculae and cavernous spaces, which are connected to blood vessels. When the cavernous space is filled with blood, the penis becomes thick and hard and erect. When the penis is soft, the thickness of the white membrane is about 2 millimeters, and when the penis is erect, the white membrane becomes thin, the thickness is only 0.25~0.5 millimeters, and loses its elasticity. At this time, the penis is more fragile, if the violent impact, can cause the rupture of the white membrane and cavernous body, as the rupture of the inflatable balloon, rapid weakness, congestion, edema.
Men under the control of androgen seem to naturally like to compare the size of the phallus. In fact, the penis is big and majestic, small and small flexible. It is said that the ancient Roman era, all had a small penis as the aesthetic standard of the male sex organ. Research has found that the female vagina is located outside the main sensitive zone of one-third, so the length of the male sex organ is not important, in general, after the penis erection, more than 7 centimeters can meet the sexual requirements. Length" is not as important as "hardness". The length of the penis is about 6-8 centimeters when it is flaccid and 13-20 centimeters when it is erect. Penis size depends on the erect state. Most men have a large difference in penis size when flaccid, but most do not have a large difference when erect. Many factors can affect penis size, including excess body fat, cold weather, and stressful situations. Penis length has nothing to do with a man's sexual ability and is not a factor in a woman's sexual pleasure. Men with a penis longer than 5 centimeters can perform normal sexual functions. Among modern men, Jonah Falcon has the longest penis in the world, with a length of 34 centimeters.

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The angle of erection of the penis is different for each person due to individual differences. The size of the erection angle is related to the amount of pressure inside the cavernous body of the penis. Generally, men have the greatest angle of erection when they are around 20 years old. The angle of erection varies between individual men, with most men having an angle of erection that is greater than 90 degrees (horizontally upwards), ranging from about 120 degrees to 130 degrees. Roughly 10% of men have an erection that is tight against their belly, and another 5% or so have an erection angle of less than 90 degrees (downward). Generally, it is normal to be able to complete sexual intercourse and be sexually satisfied. Most people's penises are erected in a vertical forward direction, and some are slightly curved from side to side, which is also normal .
In addition, many ethnic groups have the custom of circumcision. Many men who have had their foreskin removed want to know if having it removed is good for their health? Does having the foreskin removed negatively affect your sex life. Many studies have confirmed some health benefits after removal of the foreskin, but there are also opposing opinions, with the most notable data coming from a pathologist named John Taylor, who first published research on the cellular composition of the foreskin in 1996. Taylor, who died in 2010, previously argued that the foreskin is as important to sexual function as the glans because it is the sensitive band of tissue that also protects the penis and keeps it moist. A penis lacking foreskin has a smoother, drier surface that is more sensitive to changes in temperature and more easily irritated by clothing fabrics. Thickening of the glans surface, also known as keratinization, also reduces sensitivity.

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In 2006, a group of American scientists and opponents of circumcision measured the sensitivity of the foreskin (if there was one) and 19 points on the glans in about 160 men using hard nylon thread. The results found that the most sensitive area for circumcised men was the scar left by circumcision, and for uncircumcised men it was the foreskin.In 2011, Frisch published data on the sexual experiences of more than 5,500 men and women. Very few reported problems with their sex lives. But those who did report problems (such as difficulty reaching orgasm, or painful intercourse for women) were mostly circumcised men or their female partners.
Forcing infants to undergo the procedure is unnecessary. The history of circumcision should come to an end, and hopefully in the future the foreskin will be known by its presence rather than absence.

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