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Swinging Vibrating Massage Anal Plug

Swinging Vibrating Massage Anal Plug

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Product Description

Featuring a unique design with an overall softness, this vibrator resembles a pistil at its head, while middle-sized beads alternate, gradually increasing stimulation. With an extended length, the anal plug vibrator ensures deeper pleasure.


The charging port is discreetly hidden at the bottom of the device, maintaining its simplicity and aesthetic appeal.


User-friendly, simply turn on the key and adjust the frequency at the bottom. Once activated, lightly tap the switch to adjust the frequency. The motor, located at the top, provides direct vibration, while the entire device bends freely for added flexibility.


Safety and hygiene are paramount, as this product is odorless and skin-friendly, ensuring ease of cleaning. Wash with water or mild soap, then dry with a clean cloth or towel before storing in a cool, dry place.


Respecting customer privacy is a priority, and our products are carefully packaged to ensure complete discretion.

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