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7 Ways To Increase Self-Intimacy

If you indulge in solo fun, it's healthy to appreciate yourself.

Now, for those of you who climax quickly during a solo session "continuous masturbation" has its benefits - relaxation, satisfaction.

If you're looking for a more exciting solo experience, here are nine tips to enhance your pleasure and experience soloing. If you want to add sex toys for a more exciting experience, feel free to check out the ootyemo website.

1.Create a sexy space

Make your bedroom a cozy sitting area instead of a messy bed. You can also prepare a special entertainment space, play sexy music, and ignite refreshing fragrance, allowing the fragrance to spread in the room, full of lust and temptation. Maybe satisfy your taste buds with a glass of wine or your favorite beverage. Add lyrical ambient lighting, oh, this is my favorite atmosphere. You can also customize it by combining it to your liking and sensory elements. The result is a more enjoyable solo experience. Give you a more comfortable and exciting experience.

2.Touch yourself

Relax and enjoy your own caress as you experience self-exploration. You can use your fingers to caress your neck, gently caress your sides, caress your breasts and nipples, and apply appropriate pressure to your thighs to feel self-pleasure. This kind of intimate self-stroking not only arouses your sexual desire, it also stimulates blood circulation and teases yourself in the most seductive way. Discover the sensations in every part of your body and feel the happiness all over your body.

3.Practice mindful breathing

We can also practice mindful breathing to enhance your solo experience. Incorporate the practice of box breathing – a technique known for its calming effects and ability to cultivate mindfulness. As you indulge in self-touch, synchronize your breathing with your movements: inhale deeply for a count of four, hold your breath for a count of four, exhale slowly for a count of four, and then pause for a count of four. Aim to complete three to four rounds of this rhythmic breathing exercise and watch your mental state change. This mindful breathing technique can deepen your feelings and enhance your overall experience of self-pleasure.

4. The Fun Of Toys

Adding toys in at this point is a really nice experience. If you have a vagina, this "Double Tongue Licking Rose Toy" is a rose toy that integrates licking, pushing and vibrating. The Rose Toy Tip G-Spot Stimulator is perfect for you and I highly recommend it here. Its tongue-licking rose petals will instantly make your heart swell. Another part of the G-spot vibrator gives you more ways to experience it. You can use it on your nipples, vagina, anus, or other erogenous areas. From licking to penetration, you can use it alone or with a partner to spice up your sex life. Start the night off with a rose toy lick as a blowjob or foreplay move. Then move on to the next stage, using a G-spot stimulator to bring about intense orgasms.


When pursuing a more intense orgasm, resist the urge to climax immediately. Exploring the Edge - In this exercise, get close to the edge of orgasm a few more times, then gently pull back and forth a few times, and then reach the peak of your unbearable pleasure, allowing yourself to reach the ultimate pleasure. Gradually build up your arousal, slowing or pausing stimulation on the edge of orgasmic release. Then by pulling repeatedly, you will increase your sexual arousal and sensitivity, making your pleasure more intense. Try it now and make your sex experience more intense.

6. Multiple Orgasms

For vulva owners looking for lasting pleasure, why settle for just one orgasm? After your initial orgasm, continue to immerse yourself in the pleasure by exploring multiple peaks of pleasure. While your genitals remain engorged and sensitive, transition to internal stimulation with toys designed specifically for the G-spot.

Consider trying Rabbit Vibrator's G-Spot Vibrator, perfectly designed for the G-spot, anus, and clitoris.

Rabbit Vibrator's G-Spot Vibrator

You can unlock multiple ways to play with the Pink Bunny Vibrator. Flirting artifact: easily find your sensitive points and reach climax easily. Multi-frequency vibration: Make sensitive stimulation come faster. The Pink Rabbit vibrator is exquisite and compact, and you can go out and enjoy it at any time.

7.Set intentions

Mindful self-care with powerful practices: meditation, self-pleasure, and manifestation. After a period of calm self-pleasure, take a moment to set an intention. How do you hope to deliver this positive energy? What wishes and desires can this profound sense of pleasure inspire in you?

Solo sexual exploration is an extraordinary act of self-nurturing. By investing the extra time to be thoughtful and mindful, you'll find the rewards go beyond just physical satisfaction.

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