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When can it be shipped?

2-3 business days after you place the order.

When will you receive the goods?

We ship locally in the United States and deliver the product within 7-14 business days. Rush service available if you are in a hurry.

Where can I see your tracking number?

After delivery, our system will automatically send an email, which contains the tracking number, and you can check the status of your package through this tracking number. If you didn't receive the email, please check your trash, it might be there.

I already have a tracking number, where can I check the status of my package?

You can directly click on the logistics order number, and it can directly jump to the logistics page. Or you can check your package through this URL:

How to use the toy?

First: When you receive the toy, please open the box first, and then read the instruction carefully.
Second: Check whether the toy is damaged, if there is any damage, please contact our customer service.
Third: Check whether the flower toy has electricity. If there is no power, it needs to be charged until its light does not flash.
Fourth: Thoroughly clean and disinfect before and after each use.
Fifth: prepare lubricating oil.
Sixth: Choose the best way to die you want. Start at a low speed and feel it slowly. If the low speed makes you feel too hard, then you should stop using it. If you feel comfortable, go faster.
For more precautions, please go to here to view.

How to clean and maintain sex toys?

Is the charging cable sold separately?

Yes, our product comes with its own charging cable. If you still want it, you can go to our store to buy it.

Are toys shipped with care?

Of course, the product will come in discreet packaging with just your address information and the words "Toys" on it. If you want to change the remark, you can remark when placing the order or contact us by email.