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Does sex sleep really exist? Did you find it?

Sleep sexual behavior attack is a rare sleep-related disease.

You should have heard of talking in your sleep and walking in your sleep. But how about having sex while sleeping? Will this really happen?

Sexual sleep is a kind of sleep disorder called abnormal sleep. When you are sleeping, sleeping, or even awake, you will show your feelings and actions when it is abnormal sleep syndrome. As for sexual sleep, you can masturbate and even have sex with others.

According to a study in 2018, 7.1% of the adult population in the world will experience sexual sleep at some time in their lives. A paper published in 《Cureus》 in 2007 pointed out that men are more common than women, but the reason is not clear.

Sleep experts, neurologists and medical experts will explain this rare sleep disorder and what to do if you have it. If you want to learn more about sex, feel free to check out more articles on ootyemo!

What is sexual sleep?

Sexual sleep, also known as sleep sexual behavior, refers to sexual activity while sleeping. You may not know what you are doing.

Very few people have sex in deep sleep, I can't remember.

She explained: "When making love, sex may be bigger than your normal behavior, or it may be normal sex." But you don't know it happened unconsciously.

How does sexual sleep work?

Like sleepwalking, sexual sleep is an abnormal sleep and a sleep-related disease, which occurs between sleep without deep dreams and awake sleep.

Actions taken during the attack may include touching, masturbation, pelvic area, orgasm, etc.

You are asleep, but others will think you are awake. People who have an attack will open their eyes and show an empty expression.

Moreover, the disease can only be found in spouses, roommates and family members.

If people around you see this strange behavior, record their observations. Although it is humiliating, their observation can help your doctor diagnose and treat your illness.

How to diagnose it ?

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Many people with narcolepsy know this problem because people who sleep nearby have already noticed it. People who sleep alone may not be able to have diagnostic sleep for a long time. Schenk said that among these people, this understanding may come from the injury caused by unexplained severe masturbation in the morning.

According to the journal Life Science, in order to diagnose sleep, doctors should first rule out other diseases that may occur in a similar way, such as epilepsy and closed sleep apnea. Then he checked the patient's medical history, because patients with insomnia in sexual organs usually have other abnormal narcolepsy, such as sleepwalking or night terrors.

Finally, in order to observe people's nighttime activities, doctors will conduct a sleep study called "multi-sleep maps" to record people's brain waves, oxygen values in blood, heart beating, breathing, and eye and leg movements. Video sleep map can be used to diagnose sexual sleep attacks in the laboratory at night, but it cannot be relied on.

Who is in danger?

Sexual sleep is rare, and it is more common in people with other sleep disorders such as sleepwalking.

A study published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine shows that men are three times more likely to have sexual sleep symptoms than women. Men's behavior may be more obvious or more aggressive. Women masturbate more easily.

Other disturbances of deep sleep can also lead to water surface. Stomach pain, leg discomfort and sleep apnea will make people enter a sleep-wake state, and this sleep-sex relationship will occur.

In addition, epilepsy, head injury, migraine, Crohn's disease and colitis are also related to sexual sleep.

What causes sexual sleep?

Howard experts say that although the cause of sexual sleep attacks has not yet been identified, many may have them.

"The obvious stimulant is everything that wakes you up." She said, "Touch it, turn on the light, and you will make a sound. Just like a sleeping person sleepwalks, you will also have sex sleep.

There is evidence that drinking alcohol and using recreational drugs can make people with the disease attack.

However, in many cases, the trigger is more difficult to control.

Lack of sleep.

Stress or anxiety.

Fatigue and irregular sleep patterns.

Over-the-counter sleeping pills and the like.

What sexual sleep treatment programs are there?

Experts say this disease can be controlled by solving the underlying diseases that hinder sleep.

"For treatment, we must avoid any external stimuli that may cause sexual sleep." She said. "Everything inside and outside that makes you feel uncomfortable or powerless will happen, so avoid them.

Other treatments may include:

Cpap (Continuous Positive Pressure Device) for Sleep Apnea.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (ssris), such as prozac or zoloft, can be used to treat depression and anxiety.

Medicine for treating abdominal pain and leg discomfort syndrome.

Sleep in a quiet environment.

However, Houghwout stressed: "The real core is to maintain adequate sleep and maintain healthy sleep hygiene habits."

Please protect people around you.

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The first step of managed sleep is to get a diagnosis and receive appropriate treatment. It is important to talk to the doctor about this attack.

During a sexual sleep attack, you can't control your behavior, which may put others at risk.

You may be ashamed of sexual sleep, but if you talk about it with your loved ones, they will understand and feel stable. Counseling can be an option for you and the affected people.

When you find the best treatment, you can take some measures to protect yourself and others.

Sleep in another room.

Avoid triggers.

According to the sleep schedule.

Experts say: "In order to help you and your loved ones fall asleep safely, you should take preventive measures when receiving treatment and limit the inducing factors of these events."

Subsequent procedure

Although sexual sleep is rare, it is a real sleep disorder, which will have a negative impact on people with sexual sleep and their spouses in many ways.

But it is possible to form a healthy relationship with people who adjust and sleep at night.

I share a bed with my partner every night, so I don't interfere with my sleep. According to my experience, sexual sleep can be treated, and you can still have a good sleep and establish a healthy relationship with it.

If you need help with coping sleep, you can consider consulting a therapist, medical expert or sleep expert. They can help you make a treatment plan with each other, so that you can sleep better and control the situation.


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