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Foreplay tips to heat up the bedroom quickly

Many people take foreplay as an appetizer before sex, think it does not matter if you eat, as long as the main course of sex enough on the line. But people who think so are wrong, foreplay is an essential part of sexual life. No matter men and women, all need foreplay to do for sex to pave the way.

The degree of arousal and orgasm time for men and women is different, I have spoken countless times, the deciding factor is foreplay, foreplay is not done well, is a person singing a monologue, so do not try to test your girlfriend's patience, before sex, please spend some time on foreplay, with her to develop more feelings.

So, today I'm here to share some tips to quickly boost freshness. If you want more sex tips, you can also check out the ooty website.

01、Gentle spanking

Ten boys out of ten have to like this behavior. Indeed, a gentle spanking is very nice.

It is not perverted or masochistic for a guy to pat a girl rhythmically and gently so that both sides can get more stimulation and pleasure to some extent.

The premise is that the atmosphere is intimate and loving, and that within this atmosphere, the feeling of mild pain is more conducive to the release of hormones such as endorphins, resulting in a sense of pleasure.


Since the nerve center in the brain, which controls joy, also responds actively when pain is felt, mild pain stimulates the body to secrete Androsten, a substance that makes the spirit happy and reduces worry.

Studies show that 60% of girls like to be spanked. Of course, there are some girls who like to spank others themselves.

Note that there are also some girls who cannot accept this kind of behavior. Therefore, it is important to communicate well beforehand, and only in a state of mutual consent.

02、Uniform evokes a sense of freshness

Most uniforms are designed to fit snugly and are visually stimulating for both men and women.

Uniforms can also make guys more conquering, because uniforms represent order and authority, and humans are eager to challenge taboos, thus arousing a desire to conquer.

Couples wear uniforms (both boys and girls can wear them), which is a kind of role-playing and can add freshness to each other, so many couples like this way.


03, appropriate to say a little swearing

Dirty Talk is not the usual abusive language that people use, but rather some sexually provocative language.

After all, this is tied to the usual quality and cultural confinement, and this kind of talk will have a sense of breaking the taboo.

As mentioned in Hormone Research, the brain secretes circulating, testosterone levels increase significantly when a person crosses cultural taboos, and this increased hormone level can help with desire enhancement.

Especially the usually well-mannered people, the subconscious perverted side of the repressed sex when the dirty talk can help its catharsis and get a greater stimulation.

In "Fundamentals of human sexuality", Horant Ketzadourian wrote that "profanity stimulates human desire".

The study found that this may be because certain areas of the brain are stimulated when they receive the language, which makes the person excited.

Finally, I would like to remind you that before and after, fully understand each other's needs, preferences, attitudes, and express yourself without fear, so that it may be equal and comfortable to go on harmoniously.

All the way, it must happen based on the voluntary and pleasurable situation of both parties, don't force each other, don't be embarrassed, and don't be afraid to say NO!

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