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How to Make Yourself Squirt: A Beginner's Guide

Due to the popularity of pornography and the exaggerated sensation of a blowout, people are curious about female ejaculation. But in reality female ejaculation doesn't squirt out like in pornographic movies, but the good news is that every woman has the opportunity to get a blowout by learning the techniques involved.

So today we're going to talk about the principles behind ejaculation as well as debunking life about ejaculation, get tips to get your own ejaculation, and let's embark on a journey to discover what we're all about!

Understanding Female Ejaculation

Before you start exploring female ejaculation, it's important to understand the principles behind it to better help you understand and get a wet blowout. Flush blowouts are the release of fluid from the Skene glands near the urethra, and the amount of fluid released is different for each person; it can be a large amount or just a little bit, which is both possible and normal.

The fluid released from a blowout is not the same as urine, it is released naturally during sexual arousal and intense stimulation. So don't worry too much, it's a natural and enjoyable experience.

Debunking myths about female ejaculation

Ejaculation is a normal and natural phenomenon and there should be no shame in it. Before you start, break the myths and prejudices about ejaculation to better explore and enjoy the experience.

Myth 1: Only a few women ejaculate

Virtually every woman has the ability to get a blowjob, they just aren't born with it and it takes some practice to acquire it. So don't get frustrated about it if you can't ejaculate, below we will provide some tips to better explore and achieve a blowout.

Myth 2: A blowout means an orgasm

A blowout does not mean an orgasm and vice versa. A blowout and an orgasm are two different experiences; a blowout and an orgasm may happen at the same time, but they may not come at the same time. It is possible for a blowout to occur before an orgasm, or after an orgasm.

Myth 3: Blowouts are confusing and uncontrollable

The amount of fluid released is different for each individual, so blowouts don't always lead to confusion. And a blowout can be controlled by your muscles, which can be practiced to achieve better control. If you prefer a more intense feeling of release, you can also achieve a more violent release through muscle control.

How to prepare for a blowout?

1.Regulate your emotions

A good way to regulate your mood is to be in a comfortable and clean environment. That's why it's important to keep your bedroom hygienic and comfortable. You can also add a sense of ambience to your room by lighting scented candles, playing sexy music, adding ambient lighting and your favorite decorations, etc., so you can feel comfortable and better ignite your libido.

2. Good hygiene and safety

Hygiene and cleanliness before you start, whether it's your body, genital area, fingers and sex toys are all important parts of your life. Taking care of your hygiene not only keeps you healthy and reduces the risk of infection, but taking the time to bathe and bathe also raises the anticipation of sex.

Cleaning sex toys well before and after use can go a long way in protecting them and extending their life. In the process, the use of lubricants, can be very good to enhance the sense of pleasure.

3. Know your body

Know your body and the places that make you feel pleasure before you start, G-spot is a place worth exploring, it is located in the front wall of the vaginal opening 2-3 inches, after getting sexual arousal, the G-spot will become more sensitive with more pleasurable feelings.

4. Stimulate other areas

Don't overlook other areas of stimulation. Mixed stimulation can be more pleasurable and increase the likelihood of a blowout. For example, the clitoris, nipples, or other sensitive areas of the body, especially the clitoris, can be gently rubbed or used with sex toys.

Tips to get yourself a blowjob

1. Relax your breathing

First, find a position that makes you feel comfortable or familiar. Relax your body by taking deep breaths, empty your brain of troubling thoughts, and focus on your feelings.

2. Be patient and take your time

At the beginning of the attempt, keep patience, take your time, do not rush, slowly touch yourself, focus on the feeling of self, exploration is also a very pleasant process.

3. Hydrate

Before you start, replenish the water, you can better prepare for the blowout, in the process of sex will lose water, so, after sex should also be appropriate to replenish.

4. Clitoral stimulation

You can use your fingers or a vibrator, to stimulate the clitoris. Try different ways and pressures to find the way that makes you feel good.

5. G-spot pressure

You can choose your favorite way by using your middle and ring fingers, or index and middle fingers. After sexual arousal, locate the G-spot 2-3 inches from the front wall of the vagina. The G-spot feels like a rough, spongy mound, and pressure and stimulation on the G-spot can be a great way to stimulate a blowout.

6. Use sex toys

Use sex toys designed specifically for the G-spot, which can better apply pressure and stimulation to the G-spot, and is more convenient as well as saves energy.

7. Pelvic floor muscle exercise

You can exercise your pelvic floor muscles through Kegel exercises to strengthen them for better control and release, increasing your pleasure and experience.

8. Don't be too hard on yourself

If you don't have a blowout, don't be too hard on yourself, and enjoy the journey of discovery, which is also a happy thing.

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