Men and women are communicating emotionally

Why does my girlfriend make a gasping sound during sex?

Why is it that when men and women have sex, the girlfriend will make a gasping sound, at this time the boyfriend will be more excited to hear this sound, that the girlfriend has reached orgasm, more some male comrades think that the girls so is and slutty performance, then why will the girlfriend make a gasping sound?

Research Study.

Scientists have done a study and the answer might surprise you a little bit - the study shows that 66% of women during sex believe that the reason they pant is actually to make the man ejaculate quickly! Meaning, women are helping men reach orgasm. Alternatively, when women feel less than excited during sex, or when they are uncomfortable or even in pain, women use panting noises to stimulate men with the goal of getting them to ejaculate quickly. Many men don't understand this and it can lead to ignoring their partner's feelings, so if you want to learn more about sex, feel free to check out more articles on ooty.

Time Crunch

There are also some situations where girls feel that the time for sex is too tight and need a quick fix. For example, if you are going to be late for work in the morning... The same approach may also be taken to end intercourse. Women will scream, in fact, mostly for themselves! This may try to avoid certain rough sex and reduce friction damage or infection from roughness. So a female grunting is not a reflection of a female orgasm.

A woman in a hurry.

When reaching orgasm

There are also reasons because close to or when reaching orgasm, the oxygen content of the blood will be reduced, the oxygen content of the blood is reduced, carbon dioxide will be relatively increased, therefore, breathing will inevitably accelerate the fast breathing a disorder, will naturally emit the muffled screams characteristic of orgasm. Another pathological factor is close to orgasm, the female brain in the "excitement of the material" will be increased, it will dilute the female rationale, issued even their own unimaginable screams.

blood red blood cell

An expression of emotional communication

In addition, panting can also be said to be an expression of emotional communication between a woman and a man that allows them to get what they want. Some women may be a little shy when it comes to having sex, so they are embarrassed to tell men what they want. Panting is a way of communicating what they want in a subtle way, telling the man what he can do to make the woman more stimulated and aroused. In addition, women's panting is more intense than men's because women's orgasms are more intense. The nerve endings around the female clitoris are thicker than those around the male penis, so the pleasure, excitement and stimulation generated when a woman reaches orgasm is stronger, but, generally speaking, women scream the loudest before or when a man ejaculates!

Men and women are communicating emotionally

Ways to communicate

In addition, panting also makes is a way for girls to communicate with guys to get what they want. Some girls are too shy to show what they want when they are in bed. But by panting, girls can subtly express their preferences and tell guys what they can do to make it more enjoyable for them.

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