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Can Rose Toys Be a Hidden Cancer Risk?

As rose toys grow in the field of sex toys, people will question the safety of rose toys. Are rose toys really worthy of their name? At the same time, negative news about rose toys also follows. Rose toys can cause cancer? The answer is of course no. You don't have to worry about it. Next, I will introduce the myths about rose toys in more depth.

What is the difference between rose toys and other products?

Rose toys, generally also known as rose vibrators and rose clitoral suckers, etc., rose toys not only have their unique design, but also powerful functions with dual stimulation of vibration and sucking, bringing you a different experience from other sex toys.

Nowadays, rose toys have a lot of types, sizes and functions for you to choose from to meet your preferences and wishes.

Will rose toys cause harm to health?

Will rose toys cause harm to health? Obviously, of course not, because our rose toys are made of medical grade silicone, which is very safe and healthy, and will not cause disease or harm health.

Myths about Rose Toys

It's time to break the following myths about Rose Toys.

1. Rose Toys Can Cause Cancer

There is no scientific evidence to prove that Rose Toys can cause cancer. Our Rose Toys have undergone multiple layers of safety testing and meet regulatory standards, and they use very safe medical-grade silicone.

Even vibrators can bring health benefits, such as helping you have better sleep quality, relieving stress and fatigue, etc.

2. Rose Toys Will Make You Lose Sensitivity Forever

There is no evidence to prove that using Rose Toys will make you lose sensitivity forever. There are many reasons that affect sensitivity, such as genetics, illness or injury. Correct use of Rose Toys, avoiding over-stimulation or injury, will not lead to reduced sensitivity. In some cases, using Rose Toys can even increase sensitivity.

3. Will Rose Toys Cause Infertility?

No, our Rose Toys are made of healthy and safe medical-grade silicone and ABS plastic. Both of these are non-porous materials that are easy to clean and will not harbor dirt. They are more friendly to health and reduce the risk of disease infection.

Try to avoid sex toys made of PVC or soft rubber, because these materials may contain harmful substances such as phthalates, which are hormone disruptors that can have adverse effects on the fetus. Therefore, it is important to choose safe and healthy materials, but don't forget to clean before and after using sex toys, so that you can better protect your health and let sex toys accompany you longer.

4. Will rose toys infect you with diseases?

Sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through sexual intercourse or by sharing the same sex toys with people with sexual diseases. Using rose toys itself does not cause infection. If you are worried about this, you can put condoms on sex toys to better protect yourself.

5. Can rose toys be used during menstruation?

Yes, and using sex toys during menstruation is safer and healthier than having sex, and whether you have a partner or not, rose toys are a good tool for you to gain happiness and explore your preferences.

However, during menstruation, the body's immunity will decrease, so you should pay more attention to hygiene and the cleanliness of sex toys to ensure our health and safety. If you want to be safer, you can use condoms, which can also reduce the tediousness of cleaning.

How does the Rose Toy work?

The Rose Toy uses pulse technology to provide a unique sensation, and the nozzle increases blood flow and blood volume around the clitoris, increasing its sensitivity.

How to use and maintain the Rose Toy better?

Proper cleaning and storage of the Rose Toy can keep it with you longer. Use mild soap and water to clean the sex toys. You don't have to buy special toy cleaners unless you want to be more convenient. Because of its unique design, especially the wrinkles around the petals, the Rose Toy needs to be cleaned more.

Where to buy Rose Toys?

You can choose to buy offline, so that you can get close to and see the Rose Toy to help you make a better choice. Or choose a reliable online store, such as the OOTYMO store, which has a lot of Rose Toy products for you to choose from, and all of them are made of safe and reliable materials, and shipped confidentially throughout the process, so you won't feel embarrassed.

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