Awakening Desire

Tantric Techniques for Awakening Desire through Focus

In the realm of Tantra, "Attention" is the natural extension of "Intention" because wherever attention is directed, energy ignites. Attention revolves around being completely present for your partner. It's about dedicating intense focus to their pleasure and sharing your emotions openly. In the interactive exercises that follow, you'll discover how to peer into your partner's soul and engage in lovemaking with unwavering concentration. Attention is a fundamental element in the journey to Tantric ecstasy.

Bestow upon your partner the undivided attention they deserve.

Partner-Focused Attention Exercises:
1. Buttocks: Gently caress your partner's buttocks along the crease where the buttocks and upper leg meet using a feather or your hair.

2. Feet: Provide your partner with a foot massage using a feather, your fingers, tongue, or hair.

3. Toes: Blindfold your partner and lavish their feet with kisses. Treat their toes as if you were passionately kissing their mouth.

4. Thighs: While your partner is blindfolded, use a feather, your hair, or your fingernails to tickle the inside of their thighs.

Awakening Desire

5. Knees: Delicately lick behind your partner's knees.

6. Buttocks Connection: Straddle your partner's back, ensuring that your Lingam or Yoni makes contact with their buttocks. Gently glide your genitals over their skin.

7. Fingers: Caress, kiss, and sensually suck on your partner's fingers, exploring the spaces in between.

8. Stomach: Glide your Yoni or Lingam against your partner's stomach.

9. Lips: Tenderly suck on your partner's lower lip, then delve into their mouth with your tongue.

10. Attention: Complete this sentence, "I desire your increased attention towards my..."

11. I Desire: Observe as I guide you in the art of worship and reveal how and where I wish to be adored."

12. The TriGasm: Employ your tongue, finger, feather, or Lingam to simultaneously stimulate her Pearl, G-spot, and Rosebud for at least 6 minutes. Subsequently, stimulate his Lingam, Jewels, and Hero Spot concurrently.

13. Polishing the Pearl: Gently lift the clitoral hood to expose her Pearl, and use your tongue to create circular motions around it (not directly on it) for a minimum of 4 minutes.

14. Kiss Her Yoni: Focus your energy on kissing her outer and inner Yoni lips, exploring the vicinity around her Pearl (clitoris) for 2 minutes.

15. Penis Bliss: With your dominant hand, stroke his Lingam and externally stimulate his Hero Spot, Rosebud, and Jewels by sliding your knuckles back and forth over the perineum (the strip between the Rosebud/anus and testicles). Ensure sufficient lubrication or oil and request verbal feedback from your partner. Maintain this for 3 minutes.

16. Discover Her G-spot: Seek her consent to enter her Yoni. Gently insert your ring finger approximately one and a half to two inches inside. Employ a "come here" motion to locate her G-spot, located on the upper vaginal wall before reaching the cervix. It will feel like a small area (about the size of a dime) with ridges, akin to the roof of your mouth. Once found, gently tap your finger upward toward her navel while stimulating her G-spot. Request verbal feedback from your partner. Continue for 6 minutes, using ample lubrication.

10. The Venus Butterfly: Orally stimulate the Pearl until your partner is on the brink of orgasm, and simultaneously locate her G-spot. Solicit her feedback and apply lubrication if necessary.

11. Goddess Waterfall: Initiate with a gentle touch, tracing the tip of your tongue with varying pressure, mimicking the flow of water along one side of her outer lips from the clitoral hood to her perineum. Then, replicate the sensation of misty droplets in a waterfall by tapping your tongue down the same side, from the hood to the perineum. Exhale warmly around her Yoni's exterior while emitting sounds of pleasure to convey your profound appreciation.

12. Godly Waterfall: Likewise, employ your tongue's tip with varying pressure, simulating the sensation of water flowing upward along one side of the Lingam, from its base to the tip. Continue by tracing your fingertips downward along the opposite side, from the tip to the base, resembling the gentle patter of mist drops in a cascading waterfall.

Dedicate Your Attention to Your Beloved

The next time your partner communicates with you, focus on genuinely listening and convey their words in your own expressions. Gift your partner a Tantric massage solely centered on their pleasure. Swap roles with each other. When making love, maintain eye contact, gazing deep into your partner's soul. Be attuned to your partner's desires and always remain 100% present whenever they require your presence. If you want more sex tips, feel free to check out more articles on ooty.

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