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Can HIV be transmitted by sharing sex toys?

A male friend, asked this question:

Recently, he has been dating a same-sex partner and has sex almost every day (anal sex), usually with a condom, but sometimes the two will share some sex toys, such as vibrators, anal plugs and dildos and so on, asking whether there is a risk of HIV transmission?

Can HIV be transmitted by sharing sex toys?

Here's the thing, the HIV virus is extremely poor at surviving after it leaves the body and enters the environment, and the survival time is often very short.

However, it is still not recommended to "share sex toys" if there is no blood contact and no clear wound.

There is nothing wrong with sharing sex toys between regular partners, if it is determined that the other person is in good health and not infected with HIV, to some extent.

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However, if both parties are "multi-sexual" people, or strangers to "one-night stand" kind, itself is not sure of each other's health status, the other party has a certain probability is HIV-infected, then it is very not recommended to share sex toys.

On the one hand, in the process of sex, there may be improper action, excessive passion, "bleeding" of special parts of the body; on the other hand, the complex structure of the sex toy itself, there may be some gaps in the HIV virus may theoretically survive for a short period of time.

Therefore, in the case of sharing sex toys, although the actual risk is negligible, there could still be a theoretical risk of HIV transmission if they are used improperly, with rough movements and heavy bleeding.

In addition, even if both parties are not infected with HIV, it is possible to be infected with other pathogens, such as syphilis, gonorrhea, HPV, etc. All these pathogens can be cross-infected due to the sharing of erotic toys.


Two people looking for fun, how can we share erotic toys?

First of all, erotic toys such private things, because they will enter the body, it is highly recommended that "exclusive use", and after each use must be thoroughly rinsed with water, and wipe with ordinary concentrations of alcohol or disinfectant, if there are crevices or grooves on the erotic toys must also be thoroughly cleaned to avoid breeding bacteria. Then after drying thoroughly, put away to a special box for backup.

If two people just want to share apparatus to help sex, then it is recommended to use condoms for protection, a person to use before the condom thoroughly wrapped erotic toys, after use, replace the condom handed to another person to use.

Doing so may greatly reduce the risk of spreading STDs.

I hope you have fun and do your personal protection to protect yourself.

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