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How to choose the right erotic lingerie?

If you have not worn much erotic lingerie, then the face of a wide variety of lingerie, may be at a loss; then find the answer in this article! If you want to read more sex-related articles, feel free to check out the ooty website!

Many players say that erotic lingerie is a disposable item that can be thrown away after wearing it; some players feel that erotic lingerie is the same as ordinary lingerie and can be worn for a long time. Generally speaking, less than 30 yuan of erotic lingerie, most of them are used to "tear"; this kind of erotic lingerie, basically designed to match the role-playing, such as: stewardess clothes, nurse clothes, maid clothes, rabbit girl clothes ......

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Perhaps we all feel that girls with good bodies wear erotic lingerie to look good; but in fact, erotic lingerie is not the kind of lingerie on the catwalk, it is rich in variety and design, even if you are not satisfied with your own body, it does not matter, you can build on the strengths and weaknesses of your body to avoid shortcomings.


big chest girls, try to choose deep v uniforms, breastless clothes, or you can choose chest hollow to highlight the beauty of the chest; small chest girls, you can choose the erotic underwear with chest pads, not only will not look small chest, but also highlight the body emitting a full sense of seniority, do not choose breastless clothes or underwear with obvious tulle shape, will only expose their shortcomings, it is recommended to choose a multi-layered design Erotic pajamas, the front open type can also try.


If your hips are plump enough, we recommend a hip-hugging tight skirt with a thong inside. When he lifts the corner of your skirt with anticipation, he will definitely reap the second wave of visual impact. The girl with small hips can try a nightgown, choose the kind that has an open design at the root of the thighs, you just have to slightly pucker your hips, you can make him produce a "natural buttocks" visual sensation.


Women with fat on the stomach, you can use one-piece or shape-shifting function of the erotic underwear, or abdominal gauze pajamas, can well cover the fat, the color of the words recommended to choose black, because black thin; but like the mesh one-piece, the body and skin tightness requirements are higher, if there is fat, it will "overflow" mesh, it is recommended to try carefully.

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a petite girl, do not wear long over the knee erotic lingerie; can choose a relatively short, the lower edge of just not over the lower hip line style. This way, his eyes are focused on your upper body, you can choose the pure and lively student clothes, and pure and lustful maid clothes and so on. If you are proportionate, then it is simply perfect, may dare to try a variety of styles and styles of underwear.

Dressing with are concerned about the strengths and weaknesses, the purchase of erotic lingerie is also the same, to fully develop their own advantages, the sexy and flirtatious side of the show to the partner. In addition, the material of erotic lingerie try to choose silk or satin and other fabrics, erotic lingerie thin and transparent, and most of these are synthetic fabrics, so the choice must look at the brand, the big brands of materials and workmanship are relatively safer. However, if you want to tease him, then be sure to pay attention to the "good", the essence of interest is to present a different self, the greater the contrast the more exciting, and the erotic uniform is to achieve the contrast.

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