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How to Initiate Sex with Your Partner

Sex is important for people in a relationship, and it can bring many benefits and enhance feelings for each other. But how do you propose it to your partner? Or is there a better way to avoid embarrassing each other. Next I'll discuss why it's important to initiate sex and how to propose it to your partner.

Why is it so hard to initiate sex?

Do you have different living habits or work and rest patterns, or do you have different requirements for the frequency of sex? If you are not good at expressing your wishes to your partner, discuss this issue with your partner honestly. This can make it difficult to initiate sex, which is something you might want to try if you want to become more intimate.

Why is it important to initiate sex?

What are the benefits of initiating sex? Why is it so important for people in a romantic relationship to have sex not only as a way to build mutual affection and trust, but also as a way for each other to express and explore their sexual desires and fantasies? It can also satisfy sexual needs and relieve stress, etc. Sex not only has great physical and psychological benefits, but it can also enhance sexual confidence and self-esteem.

How to initiate sex?

1. Ensure their consent

Before starting sexual intercourse, make sure the other person agrees. After all, it is important to respect your partner's wishes. You must obtain the other person's consent before you can continue. So how can you confirm whether your partner is consenting? You can test it physically, and the latter is to ask questions to obtain consent. For example, can I take off your shirt? Can we take a shower together? How does it feel? Can we go to bed together? Can I continue? Wait, these questions can explore whether your partner agrees. Consent is sexy after all, and it can add an extra layer of excitement in the process.

2. Express your wishes

Learning to express your desires allows you to have an open discussion before sex begins, establish boundaries, and understand each other's preferences, likes and dislikes. Of course, you can also make a yes, no, maybe list, which you can review over and over again to better remember each other's likes and dislikes, and for better exploration next time. Of course, you can also give your partner timely feedback during sex, such as it feels good, or don’t do it again, etc. You can also tell your partner whether you like it through physical expression. It is important to observe your partner's reactions during sex, give your partner timely feedback, and respect your partner's boundaries. In the process, maybe you will discover new excitement and adventure, and have a better sexual experience.

3. Schedule sex

You may have different opinions on scheduling sex. Maybe you think sex is more exciting when it's spontaneous. But isn’t it also exciting to have sex on your calendar? And arranging sex can make you feel sexual excitement and tension a period of time before sex, and arranging sex can also make you better prepared and enhance the sense of ritual. More importantly, arranging sex can maintain a healthy and regular frequency of sex, better connect with each other and enhance intimacy.

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4. Sexting

Sexting is also a great way to flirt. You can send your partner explicit messages or sexy photos of yourself to keep you aroused and stimulate you before sex. And the great thing about sexting is that you can do it even if you're far apart. However, before sending sexy text messages, make sure both parties are in a suitable environment and time period to avoid embarrassment.

5. Dress sexy

Maybe you feel like your life is a little boring, or you don't know how to express to your partner that you want to have sex. You can wear sexy clothes or cosplay clothes. Or not wearing underwear, etc., to give your partner a hint. You can also role play during sex, if you like.

6. Express with body

Sometimes verbal expression is not needed, physical expression is also a good way. You can observe your partner's wishes through hugging, kissing, touching, etc., and ask if they are willing to move to the bedroom.

7. Expand your definition of sex

Many people have the wrong understanding that only penetration can be considered real sex. This will inadvertently bring huge pressure to us, and will also make us shy away from sex and reduce our desire for sex. So we should break this bias and expand the definition of sex. We can try different ways of orgasm, or that orgasm is not the only thing that counts as complete sex. What matters is your experience in this process, and focusing on the sexual experience of both parties is the most important. You can try something different than before, such as using sex toys, oral sex, or dry humping, etc.

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