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Make men's libido explode! The 10 sex moves women must learn

Although men will be sexually excited to see naked sexy women, the urge to have sex, but men have requirements for sex, if girls can master higher skills of sex moves, they will definitely be sexually aroused, enjoy the unprecedented pleasure, the future naturally need you more! So today to inventory the 10 sex moves men love most in bed, want to master the man will have to control his lower body first! If you want to learn more sex tips, feel free to check out ooty website!

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Teasing at the edge of a man's orgasm

The boyfriend is too fast to climax but not interesting, to make him burning, want to get but can not get is the master of sex! The girl can use the palm of her hand back to press his pectoral muscle, grasp the appropriate strength, when he did not respond to the hands can be heavier, and then turn to gentle strokes when he is close to orgasm, so that the edge of the orgasm back and forth, but also to make the pleasure more lasting, minutes than the orgasm more exciting!

Take the initiative to pounce on him

Men love the surface gentle, inside the slutty girls. When making love, you can try to be more daring, open your legs to sit on his body, slowly caress her penis, enjoy being a little slut in front of him, or even help him to suck his erection, and then take the initiative to sit up, so that he can not help but shake to orgasm.

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To have a masturbation that men will never forget

Seriously, 100% of men can't stand women masturbating in front of them, they can see it but can't get it to make men itch! Girls can first come to a masturbation, sitting on a chair, directly open legs, followed by hand stroking pussy touch to orgasm, coupled with sex-hungry expressions and a burst of moaning, to ensure that the male partner immediately capture you!

Bondage flirtation aggravating plot

Men love heavy sex! You don't have to buy any SM sex toys, just take a scarf, tie, belt at home, tie his hands and feet bundle, and then gently use your fingertips, tongue, slowly slide to his sensitive zone, don't rush towards your boyfriend's sensitive zone ah! When you feel his body temperature gradually rise, he will be tingling to the extreme.

Language stimulates the fire of desire

Don't underestimate the exchange of dialogue, use a hazy tone, through a little simple conversation to stimulate him, to ensure that he is full of passionate images of sex with you, can not wait to penetrate your pussy! You can also moan softly in his ear, how can he resist having a good sex with you? Learn more techniques to master the art of language in bed now!

Uniform Seduction / Role Play

Men love to watch porn, they love role-playing in the plot, so you can meet his wishes once in a while! Nurses, stewardesses and even teachers are all roles that men like to fantasize about. If you don't want to go through the trouble of buying erotic clothes, at least make up some erotic scenarios so that your man can enjoy a different taste.

Caress the golden triangle

From the calves, thighs all the way up to explore this part of the skin is the thinnest part of the entire body, and full of nerves, girls just use the fingertips to wander the inner thighs, gently rub, plus the nails slightly scratch to the edge of the penis and balls, men can not stand! The closer to the location of the cock he will be more sensitive, then suddenly and the penis accidental fingertip touch, he must immediately take you off naked!

Oral sex must win moves

Men's ties, this place is also very sensitive! The ligament is the connection between the foreskin and the penis, and is also the main core area of teasing, when treating this part can be quite gentle, holding the root of the penis in your hand, holding and gently licking with your tongue, tongue flicking the ligament, are men's favorite but few women know how to move.

Tease with attractive breasts

Girls with C cups and above should remember to make good use of this advantage! First let the man lie down, you kneeling position to let the breasts in his legs up and down between the back and forth, in the slide, your upper body can be slightly raised, nipples gently touch his body, so that he felt a soft feeling, stimulate his sexual desire.

Extra points for calling for sex

The woman who screams in bed definitely has extra points! Because moaning for men is a kind of encouragement is more motivation, but in addition to moaning, do not forget to add panting also let men can not stop, and sexy and a little wild, also let men overwhelming excitement, absolutely let the ear good satisfaction.

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