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Rose toy does not work? 13 steps to troubleshoot

What? The Rose toy you purchased is not working properly? I'll show you how to troubleshoot and follow these 13 steps below. If the problem cannot be solved, you can contact the manufacturer's after-sales service or buy a new one.

Read the manual carefully

First turn off the rose erotic toy, and then refer to the instructions step by step.

Because of the hot rose toy, there are various imitations on the market, although the use of roughly the same method, but there are still some differences. Some need to press and hold for 5 seconds to turn on, and some need to press and hold for 10 seconds. So it is best to refer to the instructions to use.

LED light blinking

If when you are using the toy, find its led light is flashing, do not worry, it is reminding you that the power is about to run out. After using a while it will automatically shut down and stop working. This time just need to plug in the power to charge, please note that when charging the led light will also flash, indicating that it is charging.

Please fully charge before first use

I can understand your excitement and joy when you just received a rose toy, but please do not forget to fully charge it before using it. Not only can you verify whether the new toy can be charged properly, but also can avoid the embarrassing situation of using half of it without power.

But let me be clear, a full charge is not meant to activate the battery. In the early days, the batteries in electronics were usually NiCd or NiMH batteries, in which the battery memory effect allowed you to extend the need for multiple full charges and discharges within a specific battery life limit.

However, most of the batteries used now are lithium batteries, which have no memory effect. The first use without a full charge is likely to cause excessive battery discharge, which will shorten the life of the battery. Therefore, it is not necessary to perform this "activation" operation on lithium-ion batteries. It is best to refer to the battery characteristics to use reasonably.

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You charge through the computer usb port?

If you use the usb port of your desktop computer or laptop to charge your toy, do you find that after charging for a long time you find that it is not charging at all? It is likely that your computer has entered sleep mode, in sleep mode, the usb port may stop supplying power, which results in the inability to charge the Rose toy properly.

Please note that the LED light will keep flashing when the Rose toy is charging, and the led light will be on constantly after it is fully charged. When using a computer to charge, if you find that the light flashes at first and then goes off after less than 30 minutes, the USB of the computer may have stopped supplying power.

Do you charge via mobile power?

When choosing a mobile power supply for charging, be careful when choosing the interface. Please use 5V interface, not higher than 5V. many rose toys do not support 9V interface. Rose toys without marked power requirements use the 5V USB interface by default.

Do you charge via in-car USB?

If you charge through your car, there are different types of car chargers. We need to use a USB car charger adapter. You need to be careful when using it and choose the output 5V port.

Please note that some cars will lose power to the usb port after the engine is turned off, and whether this feature will cause the rose toy to fail to charge. Pay attention to whether the indicator light flashes normally after turning off the engine.

All phone chargers are adapted?

Generally speaking most rose toys use 5V power supply with 2A current. Most cell phone adapters are adapted for rose toys. Higher or lower currents are acceptable.

However, please do not use the laptop adapter to charge the rose toy. Many laptop adapters provide 20V. 20V is too high for the Rose Toys and may cause damage or even be a safety hazard.

Pay attention to the current of various adapters

Cell phone charging adapter, car USB charging adapter and mobile power, they all have different currents. The standard output current is at least 1A. If it is much lower than that, it will cause the Rose Toys to take too long to charge.

Check the body parts of the rose toy

Check the appearance of the rose toy for damage and for water seepage when used underwater.

You can pick up the rose toy and observe it. If you find that water is oozing out, there is water inside. Do not turn it on in this case, this may lead to a short circuit. The correct approach is to dry it naturally or air dry it before turning it on and using it.

Or you can try putting the rose toy into a bag filled with rice to absorb water, as rice is absorbent and this will absorb the water inside the rose toy very well. Although most rose toys have a waterproof function, its waterproof rating cannot support it to work underwater for a long time.

Make sure the travel lock on the rose toy is closed

Some of the Rose Toys have set up travel locks in order to avoid the embarrassment caused by accidentally touching the toys while traveling. Close the travel lock before use in order to turn on properly.

Battery, charging cable and electrolyte issues

If the above steps do not solve your problem, it is possible that the charging head, battery, leakage, magnetic charging head, poor contact problems, etc. Replacing a Rose Toy charger may solve the problem.

Return to factory for repair

If after trying all the steps you still can't get it to work properly, then I suggest you contact Rose Toys customer service and ask for it to be returned to the factory for repair or replaced with a new toy.

Store my rose toys

When storing the rechargeable rose toy, please do not insert the charging head into the rose toy. It is best to separate the charging cable from the rose toy. For rose toys that use batteries, please remove the batteries for storage. Place the toy in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight, otherwise it will easily cause the toy to deteriorate.

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Great resource for anyone experiencing issues with their Rose toy.


The tips were spot on and saved me a lot of frustration. My toy is working perfectly again thanks to this blog!


I was so frustrated when my rose toy stopped working, but this post saved the day. The tips were practical and worked like a charm.

Lisa K

This blog was a lifesaver! I was ready to give up on my rose toy, but the step-by-step guide helped me fix the issue in no time. Thank you so much!


No wonder my Rose wouldn’t charge before with a fast charging adapter, useful info, nice!


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