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How to rub your girlfriend's breasts to make her more pleasurable?

A woman's breasts, like a switch, can deeply touch a girl's heart and directly ignite "sexual desire".
 Although countless people are willing to fall for it and sink, but you know how to caress to make girls really comfortable? If you want to check out more sex tips, feel free to check out more at ooty.

Breasts, the switch of eroticism

The breasts and nipples are rich in nerve endings and are definitely a sexually sensitive area.
 Rutgers University in the United States has done a study on the subject of "breast and sexual sensitivity". They used brain scanning technology to test a number of women in sexual arousal, and found that 81.5% of the women were stimulated by the "breast" have produced a "sense of pleasure".
 To the researchers' surprise, the area of brain excitation activated by nipple stimulation was the same as the area of central brain excitation caused by clitoral and vaginal stimulation.
 This means that when a girl is sexually aroused, simple breast stimulation and massage is also possible for women to experience sexual pleasure!
 Although breasts are the switch of eroticism, though! Not everyone's breasts are a source of pleasure, and there are some people who are very resistant to this because their breasts are uncomfortable when they are touched. For example, the following situation ~

breast massage

Sad Nipple Syndrome?

Sad Nipple Syndrome is a negative emotion of sadness, grief and depression after the nipple is touched, accompanied by sexual indifference and the physical urge to cry. Not to mention that when touched during intimacy, the face of the partner's request, always two words: "Do not touch!" Both boys and girls may have it, and the exact cause is unclear. Some speculate that it is because the nipples are touched, the body will secrete a hormone called "oxytocin", and this hormone may trigger negative emotions.
 There is also research that this is because the nerves on the nipples are more sensitive, touch triggers a different physiological response, some people will feel excited and stimulated, others will feel disgusted and irritable.

In short, if you have a partner with sad nipple syndrome, don't insist on touching!

Caressing skills - gentle

For women, in the process of getting better, breasts are often the part of the woman most eager to be appreciated and touched, and are far more sensitive than other parts.
 Therefore, when it comes to sex, do not neglect her.
 But, how to touch it? A touch is obviously not effective or even counterproductive, touching the chest also pay attention to the technique, the normal touch (do not pinch!) and light kisses are certainly fine.
 As far as I know, most women don't like to be rubbed violently, because in addition to pain or pain, what they really need is a skillful caress.
 A technique that applies to all breasts: circular strokes!

  • Gently draw a large circle from the center to each side along the chest with your fingertips, and then gradually reduce the circle.
  • You can also gently "walk" on it like playing the piano.
  • Or gently hold up buried head deep breath, all the irritability and anxiety will be cured in an instant ~

How to protect her breasts?

Breasts, which have nurtured us for generations, are an important part of a woman's beauty, but at the same time they are so fragile. Therefore, it is especially important to take good care of them.

breast massage

Don't use breast enhancement products blindly

The breast tissue inside the breast is very sensitive, so if you use some hormonal products or physical massage to stimulate the breast for a long time, it is likely to cause hyperplasia and damage to the breast tissue, thus increasing the risk of cancer.

Wearing the right underwear

Girls should choose the right underwear for themselves, especially when their breasts are not fully developed during adolescence, it is important to choose a snug, soft and suitable size underwear, otherwise it will lead to nipple indentation, breast sagging and other adverse effects.

Follow a healthy diet

Girls have breast tissue and fat inside their breasts, if they have an unbalanced diet and insufficient nutrition, their breasts will shrink when the fat content in their bodies decreases, so they should maintain a balanced nutritional intake and avoid unhealthy dieting.

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