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App Control Swan Vibrating Egg

App Control Swan Vibrating Egg

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Product Description

Dual Stimulation for G-Spot and Clitoris

Experience the ultimate in synchronized pleasure with our app-controlled remote vibrator. Designed for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation, this egg vibrator features nine modes, combining the functions of a dildo and clitoral vibrator. With two powerful motors, it delivers harmonious internal and external vibrations. Connect it to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth to explore seven unique interactive games, adding variety and excitement to your intimate encounters.


2-in-1 Wearable Dildo and Clitoral Vibrator

Featuring a realistic textured design, the dildo part of this vibrator allows for smooth and easy insertion. The tail end is equipped with a high-frequency clit vibrator to stimulate the C-spot externally. Both parts vibrate simultaneously, providing a level of pleasure that traditional egg vibrators can't match. The tail also facilitates easy removal of the dildo.


Versatile Game Play and Precise Stimulation

Connect this long-distance couple vibrator to our app via Bluetooth to access seven small programs, including shaking, drawing, and fruit elimination mini-games. This wearable toy precisely targets multiple erogenous zones, enhancing the fun and excitement of your sexual experiences.


Adjustable and Easy to Wear

With dimensions of 3.85” in length and a 3.77" diameter, the clitoral part measures 3.11 inches, and the insertable part is 2.67 inches. The center joint allows for a 45-100° angle adjustment, making it easy to wear and suitable for all body types.


Waterproof and USB Rechargeable

This vibrator is fully waterproof, ensuring worry-free use in the bathroom or other humid environments. It is easily rechargeable with a DC USB cable, offering fast and convenient power-ups.

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