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Automatic Red Lip Sucker and Tongue Licker

Automatic Red Lip Sucker and Tongue Licker

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Unique Features

【Exclusive Tongue Licking Suction Vibrator】

3 Speed 5 Frequency Vibration Swing Sucking Tongue Licking ,The realistic lips tongue toy has a unique wrap and suck vibrating function for tongue licking. From soft flirting to wild licking, extreme climaxes and a soft touch. Brings you itch and intoxicating wet pleasure,super strong vibration frequency, to bring unparalleled stimulation to your clitoris and G-spot, and quickly reach orgasm

【5 Licking Vibrator Modes 】

The vibrator has 5 different modes of tongue licking, from a subdued flirtation to a fiery rapid orgasm, each interspersed with a different sucking rhythm, truly allowing you to experience a clitoral orgasm with one sex toy.

【3 Powerful Suction Modes】

The biggest feature of this tongue licking vibrator is its sucking mode, we set three intensity and rhythm of the sucking mode, can let you feel the pleasure of gentle sucking, can also feel the rhythmic stimulation, as well as can experience the wild stimulation of tightly sucking your meat, I believe this is a sex toy you deserve to have.

【High-quality material】

Non-toxic, odorless, and skin-friendly. The clitoris stimulator is made of medical-grade silicone, which can directly contact the female vagina. Realistic and ergonomic design, soft, flexible and comfortable to touch, simulation modeling, realistic texture, brings you a real experience.

【Waterproof Design】 

You can use this vibrator in a bath, shower or ANYWHERE else. Use with clean water or soap water and dry with a soft towel or lint-free cloth.

【How to use it 】

Be sure to read this instruction carefully and fully charge it before using it to make sure it will work. Long press the on button for three seconds to directly open the sucking and tongue licking mode, and then short press the on button to switch between sucking and tongue licking mode, the first three modes are all variations on sucking, the last five modes are all variations on tongue licking and vibration rhythm, when you want to end long press for three seconds to close.

It can be used as a personal nipple massager, anal, G-spot clitoral stimulator for women, which is a great tool for flirting during foreplay.

NOTE: The product can not work when it is charged. Please unplug the charging cable and long press power button before use.

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