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Love Flower Elegant Rose Toy

Love Flower Elegant Rose Toy

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❤Elegant and Classic Rose Design

To ensure that you have extra pleasure; the rose vibrator is designed with an egg-shaped vibrator and a rose-shaped suction.

Its general appearance looks something like a rose artwork. The best thing concerning the artwork is that it helps in eliminating the embarrassment caused by many sex toys thus not putting your private life in jeopardy.

Therefore, the combo of a passionate vibrating egg and a romantic sucking rose will make your delicate labia experience passionate sex. This confirms that the rose toy is quite ideal.

❤10 Suction Modes

To ensure that the needs of all the potential clients have been met, this creative rose clitoral vibrator is designed with 10 different vibrating, and sucking modes.

To select your mode, just click the button to change between modes and select the one that suits you the best.

You know that there is nothing that makes an orgasm quite interesting as achieving it within a short time after sexual arousal.

Therefore, the rose toy is blended with anus massaging, breast sucking, and clitoris teasing features to ensure that you achieve orgasm within the shortest time possible. Incredible! Isn't it?

❤Multifunctional Vibrator 

With the technology to design this unique rose vibrator, it can easily stimulate your nipples and clit.

On the other hand, the egg is designed to stimulate your anus and g-spot. This is quite a masterpiece.

Moreover, the leaves located on the bullet massager are very delicate and soft and this brings about tongue-licking pleasure.

The rose vibrator’s 3-in-1 design is blended with visual beauty not to mention physical comfort thus bringing about a realistic sex feeling.

❤Charging and Waterproof

This rose vibrator is designed with a USB magnetic charging technique which is not only safe but also effective.

Upon purchasing it, you are given a USB cable that blends with most USB devices.

Worry not about using it in your bathroom because it is designed to be waterproof thus making it easy to clean and use.

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