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Rose Pulse Sucks Vibrating Eggs

Rose Pulse Sucks Vibrating Eggs

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🌹Born for love, only for the special you in my heart.
Gift it to lovers and best friends to convey your exclusive heart. 🌹

🌹5-frequency Sucking Pleasure

Quickly pour the honey bean and release it quickly, the tide ripples between swallowing and puffing.

The pulse deeply stimulates the sensitive nerves, penetrates the whole honey bean through the sense of pressure and sneezing, and the pleasure of ejaculation.

The whole thing is contained in the mouth, fits tightly to cover the whole sensitive area, and stimulates back and forth with 5 sucking frequencies.

🌹8-frequency Internal and External Vibration

From top to bottom, from outside to inside, from point to surface, the pleasure is progressive.

🌹Charging time is about 90 minutes; using time is about 60 minutes.

🌹Recommendation for Use

1. Scrub with water or shower gel, and use after wiping clean
2. When using, please apply lubricant evenly on the product to relieve the pain caused by drying and avoid abrasions.
3. After using the product, please wash the product with fresh water or shower gel.


Please store this product in a cool, ventilated and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, and prevent high temperature, high pressure, humidity and pollution.

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