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Small Tail Remote Control Vibrating Egg

Small Tail Remote Control Vibrating Egg

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Product Description

Introducing our meticulously designed Vibrating Pleasure Stimulator, a revolutionary device crafted to redefine your intimate experiences. With 9 distinct vibration frequencies, you can easily find the perfect match among a range of sensations that resonate with your desires.
This versatile stimulator is recommended for use with a sleeve, unlocking tantalizing sensations for various parts of the body, including the nipples, clitoris, and vaginal areas. Its high-quality silicone material guarantees safety and peace of mind during every exploration, providing a luxurious yet secure touch.
Compact yet powerful, this stimulator boasts dimensions of 7.01 inches (178mm) in length and 1.26 inches (32mm) in width, capable of enduring a pulling force of approximately 5kg. This ensures durability without compromising on comfort. The split design adds versatility, offering diverse ways to play and explore your desires, and emits less than 45 decibels for discreet indulgence.
Customize your experience by adjusting the vibration direction and bullet head position, allowing you to fine-tune the sensations to your liking. This ensures a personalized journey into pleasure that caters to your unique preferences.
Effortlessly recharge this device anytime, anywhere with its convenient USB magnetic charging feature, ensuring uninterrupted moments of ecstasy. Plus, with an IPX7 waterproof rating, you can embrace uninhibited pleasure in water, amplifying your intimate encounters in the shower or bath.
Embrace the epitome of satisfaction and exploration with our Vibrating Pleasure Stimulator—where innovation meets passion and every touch leads to an unparalleled journey of indulgence. Get ready to elevate your pleasure to new heights!


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