How to clean and maintain sex toys

How to clean and maintain sex toys

For single men and women, how to solve physiological needs is a very important thing. The emergence of sex toys has undoubtedly brought new choices to everyone, which can better meet personal needs. If you want to choose a sex toy that's right for you, click here.

Sex toys cleaning and maintenance
1. Cleaning: The used "toy" has a lot of secretions and lubricant residues. If it is not cleaned for a long time, bacteria will multiply, so please rinse the main part with warm water and sterilizing soap, and then rinse with hot water. clean. When cleaning, the switch, power supply, etc. should be prevented from getting wet with water. While rinsing, rub it with your fingers. Do not use a brush or acid cleaning agent to clean it.
2. Wipe: Wipe clean with a lint-free linen cloth or towel after rinsing.
3. Maintenance: Remember to take out the battery after use, do not leave it in the toy, otherwise battery corrosion may occur! It can be stored in a flannel bag or a dust bag during preservation, and it can be kept as dry as possible in a cool place.
4. Forbidden: detergents containing alcohol, gasoline, or acetone; avoid water entering the battery box; avoid direct sunlight.

Precautions for the use of sex toys
1. It cannot be shared by many people, and it is easy to be infected with bacteria.
2. Use an oscillating massage stick to penetrate the vagina or anus, or use condoms and water-soluble lubricants, which can be safer and smoother.
3. Don't use it too much. Excessive use of the vibrating stick will easily cause the sensitivity of the organs to decrease. Therefore, for a long time, the general sex has no effect or pleasure. It can only be influenced by the vibrating massage stick. It will be a tragedy.
4. After use, the power supply or battery should be removed in time, especially the dry battery should not be in the massage stick for a long time. If there is a battery leakage, it is easy to damage the massage stick. The battery fluid is also corrosive, and the skin that runs on the skin will corrode, especially in the position of the vaginal or anal mucosa.

Sex toys are a good choice for single men and women. They are very popular in the current market and help single men and women relieve their lonely times. However, it should be noted that for the sake of personal health, sex toys must be cleaned and maintained in time after use, which can prolong the service life and avoid infection. Masturbation must be restrained, not excessive masturbation!
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