The Scent of Desire: How Olfactory Fetishes Spice Up Your Sex Life

The Scent of Desire: How Olfactory Fetishes Spice Up Your Sex Life

Fragrance has always been linked to sex, and pleasant or unpleasant smells can affect sex. Especially for people with a keen sense of smell or those with an olfactory fetish, smell has a greater impact and judgment on them. Smell will become our memory, and different smells are given different meanings, such as the smell of shampoo, clothes washed with soap, quilts exposed to the sun, and even the smell of someone's body. These smells fascinate you, stimulate sexual desire, and make the body enter the state faster.

Although pleasant smells may not necessarily stimulate your sexual desire, smelling unpleasant smells during sex will, to a certain extent, destroy your sexual desire and enthusiasm for sex.

What is olfactory fetish?

Olfaction refers to the behavior of having a sexual response to the smell of body parts, especially the smell of the genital area. Olfaction is a complex and rare fetish.

Why do people have olfactory fetishes?

Smell can bring strong feelings to people, even long-lasting memories. Sometimes you can even forget what a person looks like but still remember her fragrance. Smell is also a person's specific emotion, as well as arousing people's memories and associations. The brain is responsible for storing this memory of fragrance, so when people smell something, it will evoke their sexual memory, thereby igniting sexual desire and sexual arousal. Of course, pleasant smells are also one of the reasons. Pleasant smells will bring positive associations.

Common smells that cause sexual desire

1. Natural body odor

People with olfactory fetishes are attracted to the natural and pure smells on the human body, such as sweat and secretions, which are very attractive to them. Although everyone's smell is different, they may have a peculiar preference for specific smells. For example, the smell of sweat after exercise, the odor of the armpit, or socks that have been worn for a few days. So some people prefer to have sex with a partner who has not taken a shower yet.

2. Genital odor

The odor of the genitals is the most intimate and attractive smell that arouses sexual desire. It also has a special attraction to people. For example, some people are very fascinated by the smell of second-hand underwear, and even buy other people's second-hand underwear at a high price. And some people like the smell of their partner's semen.

3. Body odor

This preference will be fascinated by the smell of the body, such as the smell of sweat, sweaty armpits, foot odor, and unwashed genitals, which will produce strong reactions and excitement.

4. Flower fragrance

Flower fragrance is the most acceptable smell and can also give people good associations. Many studies have shown that flower fragrance can stimulate people's sexual desire. For example, most of the toiletries in our lives will add flower fragrance, such as shower gel, shampoo, mouthwash, lotion, laundry detergent, etc. Among them, jasmine and rose fragrance are the two most effective fragrances.

What should you do if you have olfactory fetish?

1. Actively communicate with your partner

If you have olfactory fetish, you should communicate sincerely with your partner, express your demands and wishes, and find solutions together. After all, not everyone can accept this behavior of your partner. Your partner may not feel good about the things you feel happy about, and may even feel uncomfortable. For example, tell your partner that you feel more sexually active when they don't shower, or like to ask them about their sweaty armpits and the underwear they wear.

2. Use scented items

If you have a preference for a certain smell, you can choose daily necessities with that smell, or some sexual health products, which can enhance your sexual experience and stimulate desire. For example, stimulants, lubricants, massage oils, and condoms.

3. Don't offend others

Don't offend them just to satisfy your sexual desire. It is very offensive to smell the other person's smell without their consent. Please respect their wishes.

4. Seek professional help

Although olfactory fetish itself is not harmful, if olfactory fetish has affected your real life, you can consider seeking help from a doctor or sex therapist.

Final thoughts

Olfaction fetish is a rare fetish. If it does not have a negative impact on your daily life and can be used well, olfactory fetish can greatly enhance your sexual experience. Trying scented daily necessities and sexual health products, such as lubricants, massage oils, and condoms, can make your sex life more interesting.

But if your olfactory fetish is interfering with your daily life, there's no shame in seeking help.

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