What is Pride Month? Why is it important to celebrate it?

What is Pride Month? Why is it important to celebrate it?

Many countries and regions celebrate Pride Month in June. The theme of Pride Month is inclusion, equality and celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, raising people's awareness and influence on LGBTQ+, and enhancing the self-identity, self-esteem and confidence of the LGBTQ+ community.

There are many forms of Pride Month celebrations, such as parades, music and galas. Pride Month means different things to everyone, and each Pride Month celebration will also have different themes.

History of Pride Month

The origin of Pride Month is the Stonewall Uprising in New York, USA in 1969. In the culture at that time, homosexuality was not accepted and was regarded as an alien. In June 1969, a gay bar in New York was raided, which led to a counterattack by the bar's patrons and surrounding residents. The uprising lasted for 6 days and became a catalyst for the gay rights movement in the United States and around the world.

In 1973, an organization based in Dublin held its first gay pride parade on June 27, 1974.

Why celebrate Pride Month?

Pride Month is not only for unity, diversity and equality, but also for conveying the knowledge of Pride Month to more people, so that more people can understand and respect it. At the same time, celebrating Pride Month can also strengthen self-identity and find a sense of belonging. Celebrating Pride Month can also let the world see us, see the diversity of gender and sexual orientation, see different lives and colors, and create more possibilities.

At the same time, Pride Month is also a time for celebration and reflection, the pursuit of LGBTQ+ rights and the continuous pursuit of equality, and the continuous development of the scale of Pride Month.

What are the activities of Pride Month?

The activities of Pride Month are not only Pride Parades, but also concerts, drag performances, dances, food, etc. Pride Month is not only for LGBT+ groups to participate in. Anyone can participate, as long as they feel the LGBTQ+ culture in life, or respect, and want to experience different cultures and atmospheres.

Problems faced by LGBTQ+ groups

LGBTQ+ groups face more restrictions and unequal treatment. First of all, it is necessary to be aware of the unfairness and inequality faced by the LGBTQ+ group. Only by discovering the problems can we better solve them. For example, the common LGBTQ+ group is more likely to be bullied on campus due to the lack of protection from relevant laws and regulations and the support of relevant organizations. As well as the LGBTQ+ community being vulnerable to discrimination, conflict and harassment in employment.

The simplest and most direct way to raise awareness and discover inequality is to participate in Pride Month parades and related activities.

How to better celebrate Pride Month?

1. Self-education

During this period, self-learning can better understand relevant cultural knowledge, popularize and spread relevant cultural and knowledge points to others, and can also help others better understand and break some inherent impressions and prejudices.

2. Participate in the Pride Month Parade

The Pride Month Parade is still one of the grandest events of Pride Month, and the significance of the Pride Month Parade is also the most special, extraordinary and influential event. The Stonewall Movement proved that silence is not our choice. Only by being seen, expanding influence and cognition can we pay attention to the inequality of rights.

3. Improve visibility

Better publicity of Pride Month, such as Pride Month activities, publicity on social platforms and charity activities. Although this festival has been celebrated for more than 50 years, Pride Month is still a month of celebration and awareness, gathering together through parties, parades, concerts, etc., to celebrate those who bravely fight for their rights.

4. Make related peripherals

Making rainbow-related accessories, canvas bags, T-shirts, etc. can not only give full play to your imagination and creativity, but also increase awareness through the sale of related peripherals.

5. Support LGBTQ+ culture and art

LGBTQ+ related literature and art works deserve to be seen by more people, and we can also promote and purchase them better.

Have a deeper understanding of LGBTQ+ related culture and eliminate some people's stereotypes and prejudices.

6. Hold Pride movie nights and book readings

Reading Pride-related books, holding a Pride Month reading, and reading related books and magazines can better promote and have a deeper understanding of LGBTQ+ culture. For example, this book "The Well of Loneliness" published in 1982 is the first novel about lesbians. This book tells the loneliness felt by the LGBTQ+ community in the heterosexual community.

Holding a Pride movie night is also a good choice. You can watch LGBTQ+ related movies at home alone, or watch them with your friends and discuss them together.

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