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Bowling Sucking Vibrating Masturbation Cup

Bowling Sucking Vibrating Masturbation Cup

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  • Dark green bowling ball appearance, unforgettable beauty.
  • 3-frequency sucking & 6-speed vibration, more intimate dick care than your girlfriend.
  • Unique "one-click burst" button, maximize the sucking and vibration intensity, enjoy extreme pleasure.
  • Removable inner lining, clean and hygienic, to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Low noise, enjoy quiet and secret orgasm.
  • USB charging, add convenience to life.


The three elements of dark green, matting and bowling are combined into one, creating an unforgettable masturbation artwork. Dark green matte shell, you can notice the difference at the first touch. Classic style, smooth lines, never outdated. There are a total of four buttons, from top to bottom to control the "one-click burst", sucking, vibration and start-up. 3-frequency sucking 6-speed vibration with the internal real 3D oral design and round convex grains, teasing your bro with no dead ends. Any combination of multiple passions will bring you more intimate dick care than your girlfriend. It is worth mentioning that it is equipped with a unique "one-click burst" button to maximize the intensity of sucking and vibration. Press it at the appropriate time to receive unparalleled ejaculation pleasure. Cleanliness has always been the focus of the masturbation cup. But thanks to the detachable design of this plaything, it will never bother you. When a friend visits at home, do you have to force yourself to endure the desire for sexual pleasure even when the lust surges? Now you are able to please yourself confidently and boldly with the benefit of extremely low operating noise. it will never let anyone notice your bedroom passion. In addition, USB charging promises uninterrupted care.


Product size: 10.1 x 3.4”

Weight: 1.15 lb

Material: ABS+TPE

Package included:

1 x masturbation cup

1 x charging cable

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