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Portable Egg Mini Masturbation Cup

Portable Egg Mini Masturbation Cup

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  • Fit every size of the penis. Brings you the happiness which your hands can not offer.

  • The product is made of soft silicone, it makes the touch and feeling more comfortable.

  • Lubricant and Condoms is Recommended when you are ready to use it

  • It's a good penis trainer, to exercise with it and extend the ejaculation time.


  • Item: Male Masturbation Cup

  • Material: TPE

  • Color: White, Black

  • Size: As the Picture

  • Weight: Approx.40g


  1. Take out the masturbator from the package.

  2. Clean it before use.

  3. Use a few lubricant.

  4. Take out the inner silicone and wash it after use.

  5. Use the towel or drying machine to dry the masturbator.

  6. Put it in a dry place to avoid the sunshine.

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