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Telescopic Vibrating Masturbation Cup

Telescopic Vibrating Masturbation Cup

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【Unique Underwater Experience】

The product adopts a new full-body waterproof design, which means that you can use it underwater. The internal silicone particles are full, and the spherical and spiral shapes are all over the interior. Multiple particle designs give you a perfect fit. The spiral way
in the water brings you a wonderful and exciting experience, Bringing you a different experience feeling that you have never experienced before. And you will never forget it. Feel the wonderful experience the product brings to you, and at the same time enjoy the double feeling that the water brings you.

【Sucking And Vibrating】

The unique sucking function and vibration function, the combination of the two brings you a sense of firmness, realism, wrapping, stimulation, and comfort. These feelings are combined with the unique underwater experience, bringing you unique underwater fun that belongs to you only. Free your hands, the fully automatic vibration function makes you hardly need to use your hands. You just
need to hold it, instead of using your hands to do boring piston movements.

【Keep Dreaming】

I want you to imagine a scene when you are sitting in the bathtub by yourself, our mermaid is tightly attached to your penis, and the sensual material inside makes you forget that she is a masturbator cup as if your partner is under the body. With the voice function, accompanied by the rotation of the water, it takes you into your fantasy paradise in one second. And the application of water pressure
allows your sponge to be effectively exercised. I hope that the mermaid 2 is not only a masturbator cup but also a faithful partner who can eliminate your loneliness.

Package Includes:
1 x Machine
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Manual
1 x Earphone
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